Jamii Health International

What We Do

Jamii Health International is a international non-profit organization dedicated to creating self-sustaining health care systems throughout the world. We focus on under-served areas with sufficient population base to support a program based around a health-facility, whether it be a clinic or hospital.

We build and create the facility and the system, with the full participation of the local community, who within 5 years take it over and continue its growth. During the five years, JHI provides training, education, community interventions and conducts research into promoting the health of each community. We work with local doctors, nurses, clinical officers, researchers, Ministries of Health and other government officials to ensure the success and ongoing life of each project.

Training of doctors, nurses and other affiliated health personnel is done on several levels: we teach on-site at the bedside, we conduct courses, and we have volunteers share knowledge and experience while they provide service in the communities.

Self-sufficiency is created on several levels as well: through the local health care professionals via rentals, laboratory fees, procedure fees, imaging fees; pharmacy; an affiliated cafe/restaurant; patient fees (these are based upon ability to pay and use a sliding scale); and a local industry which can range from manufacturing mosquito nets to oral rehydration solution to coffee or tea sales.

By creating a self-sufficient health care system, there is no worry about foreign aid fluctuations. The community cares for itself (with perhaps occasional outside help) which gives dignity and health to the members of each community. Community health leads to economic health and economic health can lead to peace.